"The effect of local ventilation on airborne viral transmission in indoor spaces"

Alexander Pretty, Ian M. Griffiths, Zechariah Lau, Katerina Kaouri

Submitted to J. Fluid Mech (Rapids)

"Onset of absolutely unstable behaviour in the Stokes layer: A Floquet approach to the Briggs method"

Alexander Pretty, Christopher Davies, Christian Thomas

J. Fluid Mech 928 A23

Published 6th October 2021

"Numerical simulation of the spatiotemporal development of linear disturbances in Stokes layers: Absolute instability and the effects of high-frequency harmonics"

Alexander Ramage, Christopher Davies, Christian Thomas, Michael Togneri

Phys. Rev. Fluids 5 103901

Published 2nd October 2020

"Linear disturbance evolution in the semi-infinite Stokes layer and related flows"

Alexander Ramage (PhD thesis)

Supervised by Dr. Christopher Davies

Published 14th December 2017

In progress: