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My preferred shortening of Alexander is to Xander.

I grew up in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and moved to Cardiff in 2010 to begin my undergraduate course Mathematics and its Applications at Cardiff University, which I passed with 1st class honours in 2013. In the third year of this course, I started to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the mathematical methods I was studying and began to consider academia as a potential career path.

This lead me to pursue a PhD in fluid dynamics on completion of my BSc, which allowed me to develop my research skills. During these three years it became increasingly clear that I would like to continue my career in academia.

Following the completion of my PhD, I began a post-doctoral position at Swansea University modelling electromagnetism. I then returned to Cardiff University for my second post-doc modelling indoor transmission of COVID-19. I'm now in a purely teaching role at Cardiff University to gain some additional teaching experience, though I've managed to continue writing up previous research.

Outside of academia, my interests include music (listening to, writing, recording and occassionally performing), reading (with a particular interest in science fiction), flim/TV, politics (I'm a member of the Labour party), travel and DIY.


I have recently been working on a series of instrumentals with accompanying videos and artwork and have released an album entitled "Instrumental Health". I am currently working on a follow up EP.

Anyone interested can find my music profiles on

Music email: xanderprettymusic@gmail.com